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Young Buddhist Meetup - next meet up Nov 1st

Young Buddhists: An monthly evening of meditation and Dharma

A monthly meetup for those between 16 - 35 interested in Buddhism and meditation. A chance to connect, practice and go deeper with those of a similar age. We will eat, chat and meditate together, exploring the theme of 'Virya'- energy in pursuit of the good. 

Newcomers and regulars welcome. 

Email: (email in order to get the online link for the time being)

6.30pm to 8.30pm

Dharma Study with Saddhanandi

Saturday, November 21, 2020 - 10:30

Listen, you faithful young man.
This land of darkness and blind views
Is part of the Three Kingdoms of Samsara.
Full of mud is Craving Meadow,
Full of thorns is Jealous Swamp.
Savage and malignant is the furious dog of Hate,
Dangerous and steep the hill of Pride.
But I have crossed the Rivers Four
And reached the shore of the Pure Land.
I cut my boots from the hide of the renunciation of Samsara
And with the leather of awakening from transciency and delusion.
I made my boots with the...