Dharma Study with Saddhanandi

Listen, you faithful young man.
This land of darkness and blind views
Is part of the Three Kingdoms of Samsara.
Full of mud is Craving Meadow,
Full of thorns is Jealous Swamp.
Savage and malignant is the furious dog of Hate,
Dangerous and steep the hill of Pride.
But I have crossed the Rivers Four
And reached the shore of the Pure Land.
I cut my boots from the hide of the renunciation of Samsara
And with the leather of awakening from transciency and delusion.
I made my boots with the craftsmanship of deep faith in Karma,
With the dye of Non-clinging to the Myriad Forms,
And with the thread and rope of Devotion;
While the clasps are the Teachings of the Three Bindings
These are my boots, the boots of a yogi;
I have no desire for yours.
Bhante: To give up the untrustworthy protection offered by self-interest, to awaken to absolute insecurity, to accept that your unskilful actions of the past will have unforeseen consequences, these are the hard tasks of the spiritual life. But at some point one has to put these boots on.
Our Dharma practice is often sustained by a few chance words that we read in a text or hear as we wait at the tea-counter in the Buddhist centre: words that for a brief moment leave us more ‘awake’ and that continue to transform our lives over the following years.
This morning, we’ll endeavour to bring to life some words of Milarepa and of Bhante, and in the company of fellow Dharma practitioners share a deeper understanding of the text, of Milarepa’s perspective and of the implications of these teachings.
We will use this to take a more personal look at our own reactions and how that gives us insightful information.

Saturday, November 21, 2020 - 10:30
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