Young Buddhist Meetup - next meet up Nov 1st

Young Buddhists: An monthly evening of meditation and Dharma

A monthly meetup for those between 16 - 35 interested in Buddhism and meditation. A chance to connect, practice and go deeper with those of a similar age. We will eat, chat and meditate together, exploring the theme of 'Virya'- energy in pursuit of the good. Newcomers and regulars welcome. 

This Sunday we will explore the first of The Root Verses of the Six Bardos – the Bardo of Life, the liminal place between birth and death. Through meditation, reflection and discussion we will consider what it means to abandon idleness and live life undistractedly.

All are welcome, just as you are. 

Email: (email in order to get the online link for the time being)

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Other dates for 2020:   Dec 6th



6.30pm to 8.30pm
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