Tuesday Dharma Night 7-9pm

Every Tuesday night, all year round, we explore the Dharma and practise together. A community, made up of order members, mitras and people who have completed the level 2 buddhism courses, get together to study a particular aspect of the Buddha’s teaching, to practice meditation, or to take part in puja.  Please feel free to join in every Tuesday or when you can. 

2020 programme theme: Virya 

The theme of Virya, or energy experessed in the pursuit of the good. A full programme of study, talks, meditation and pujas is offered to develop our understanding of the paramita of Virya as practiced by all Bodhisattva's intent on the well being being of all. 

4th February, 7pm-9pm. Buddha Puja 

11th February,  Study of Five Spiritual Faculties - Faith and Wisdom ( Maitrinaga) 

18th February,  Study of Five Spiritual Faculties- Energy and Focus ( Kuladharini) 

25th February,  Study of Five Spiritual Faculties- Mindfulness and Nurturing( Maitrinaga) 

3rd March, Mitra ceremonies for Lesley and Jerome. All welcome 

10th March, Dharma Night closed for Triratna Buddhist Community Rainy Season Retreat (see Rainy Season for programme for details) 

17th March,  Meditation Practice and Reflection 

25th March,  Meditation Practice and Reflection

31st March,  Meditation Practice and Reflection 

7th April, Farewell to Christine, Hilary, Karen and Kuladharini who are all off to Akasavana for the 3 month women's ordination retreat 2020.

















Repeats every week every Tuesday.
7.00pm to 9.00pm
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