Tuesday Dharma Night 7-9pm

Every Tuesday night, all year round, we explore the Dharma and practise together. A community, made up of order members, mitras and people who have completed the level 2 buddhism courses, get together to study a particular aspect of the Buddha’s teaching, to practice meditation, or to take part in puja.  Please feel free to join in every Tuesday or when you can. 

A meditative programme to aid year end refection, integration and resolution.  

26th November, 7-9pm. An evening of individual and relational meditation, led by Akasaruci and Kuladharini 

3rd December, 7-9pm. The launch of GBC's own social action kula, led by Parami and the Carbon Conversation Group

10th December, 7-9pm. Mitra ceremonies for Keirstan, Sophie and Nathan, led by Kuladharini (all welcome)

17th December, 7-9pm. Meditation practice and reflecting on practice, led by Viryadevi

24th December, 7-9pm. Meditation and preparing for year end reflection, led by Kuladharini and Akasaruci

31st December, 7-9pm. Year end puja and ceremony to install Vajrapani as the 2020 presiding bodhisattva, led by Pasadini 















Repeats every week every Tuesday.
7.00pm to 9.00pm
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