Searching for a pole star . . . . join the conversation

The conversation has begun. In small circles order members and mitras are talking about the future of the GBC. One asks, what would a financial strategy look like for the GBC? Another circle of spirited dialogue is exploring, what kind of gift do we want to make the people of Glasgow in any outreach programme? And the dharma teachers meeting, a long standing decision making group in the centre, is asking, what is our work and who are we? The council of trustees is exploring how to build the spiritual practice of dana and create a deeper culture of appreciation. 

There is one prototype Kula underway: the Festivals Kula. Right now this group of order members and mitras are developing an agreement about their remit with the council of trustees of Triratna Glasgow, the charity that runs the GBC. They have the job of curating the sangha's five main festivals in the year. They organised their first festival on Parinirvana day in February to general acclaim. 

In each of these circles and working groups, we are seeking our pole star - an inspiration that will make the spirit of this Glaswegian sangha shine through in all we do. We are poised, preparing to make some of the most radical changes in the life of Triratna Glasgow for decades, and we need that guiding star.

On Sunday March 17th from 2pm - 8:30pm the sangha gathering will be focussed entirely on discerning just that. All order members and mitras who consider Glasgow Buddhist Centre to be their centre, are invited to help create our pole star together. Our President Dhammarati will be there and soon to be Glasgow resident again, Parami, has her train ticket booked to attend. Will you make it?

Candrika, myself and Elise have been preparing a structure for the day. With it we hope we can discern this mystical and magical beastie of our future organisational self. The day starts with a timeline excerise in which we can all place ourselves within the context of the GBC's history. We will then have both written and small group briefings from all the GBC circles and groups that have been asking big questions. You can add your voice to the conversation. We conclude with a whole group excercise in which we allow all we have heard and our intuative sense of what's trying to happen here to form the shape of things to come.

With the symbols and ideas we create on Sunday 17th March, the Centre, the Centre Team, all the existing and any new working groups, meetings and circles we form, will be developing plans, that we will be consulting you on before the summer. 

'There is no self that will survive a real conversation. There is no self that will survive a real conversation. There is no self that will survive a real meeting with something other than itself. There is no organisation that will keep its original identity if it's in the conversation' David Whyte Poet


Chair, Triratna Glasgow