Flame is lit from flame, and ultimately lifes inspiration springs not from theories about life but from life itselfUrgyen Sangharakshita The Survey of Buddhism.

‘The nature of your chairmanship of Glasgow Buddhist Centre changed radically the moment Bhante died’ These were Dassini’s words to me at our first meeting after Urgyen Sangharakshita’s death. I had been in the centre learning the role of chair for only two weeks; the formal handover had not yet taken place. And the truth of what she said landed like a thunderclap. The flame of the Buddha Dharma that our teacher had received from his teachers had now passed on to us all…. Dare we accept it?

The flame of the chairmanship of Triratna Glasgow has now passed onto me. I have accepted it. So what are we going to do with all that we have inherited? The gifts and the sorrows of the past are our equal treasure; any appreciation of our victories is inadequate without an honest and open accounting of their costs. Where do we want to go now? In what direction will we point the feet of our collective practice and action?

You may want to roll your eyes right now and say ‘its obvious Kuladharini, we’re Buddhists- we want enlightenment for all. That’s where we are headed.’ Of course it is, but what specific aspect of that wondrous arising are we going to focus on, what’s our specific way into that goal in Glasgow over the next few years? Our Triratna Glasgow mission still holds true for me:

“We are a Buddhist Centre, a spiritual community going for refuge to the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. We offer a doorway to understanding life more deeply through the Buddhist Tradition as expressed by Sangharakshita. This is offered for the benefit of all.”

But why are we here? What intention do we want to make manifest together? - That is yet to fully unfold for this next generation. On Sunday March 17th 2019, I will be hosting a day in the centre to discern our community’s future. You are all invited.

If you have any ideas please feel free to meet up with me, write to me, Kuladharini@Glasgowbuddhistcentre.com or drop an idea in the suggestions box.