The greatest gift . . . . .

In 2023, just 4 years time, Triratna Glasgow Buddhist Centre will be celebrating 50 years of continuous practice and sharing of the Buddha’s dharma in Scotland. Buddhist ideas and practices are having a greater impact on life and people in Scotland than ever before. 


Our adoption of the dana (gift) economy is bringing us into a closer relationship with the young, with those who are dissatisfied with the materialism of western cultures, with those who are experiencing, very personally and directly, the suffering brought by a world driven by greed, hatred and ignorance. 


Our 2023 Vision 

Building towards our 50th anniversary, we want to set the dharma free in Glasgow and help it to grow in Scotland. In deepening our own practice of wisdom and compassion we want to reduce suffering for all. What the Buddha taught can liberate us all from our self imposed limitations. As a community we will realise more of our potential to be a force for good in the world. The practice of generosity, kindness and wisdom can become the radical alternative to the greed, hatred and ignorance that blight our shared existence.


Our problem 

We are not yet resourced enough organisationally and financially to respond to the level of interest in Triratna Buddhism in Glasgow and Scotland or to make our vision a reality. Over the last ten years  we have become a larger, more sophisticated community. We have outgrown many of our support structures. In the next five years we will also outgrow our centre.


Over the last ten years our traditional income streams of community rents/ bookshop/buddhism and body work classes have been steadily eroding.  In recent years we have grown a deficit of 30% in income against expenditure which has meant dipping into reserves held for future projects. Over the last ten years we have reduced our expenditure. 


Our solution 

1. Liberate more of our human and physical resources to support more community practice and the demand for Dharma and meditation classes. 


2. Ensure more of us can contribute to the work of the centre at a level that matches our individual capacity and our enthusiasm.


3. Create a 100% dana economy on all activities and events. Our centre becomes financially self supporting through the gifts and donations of our spiritually committed community. 


4. Create new income streams that are compatible with our values and aspirations. 


Triratna Glasgow Buddhist Centre will be a temple funded by the gifts of its community, if you want to support this please give what you can. Over the next month we are asking our committed supporters to 

  • Making a regular monthly standing order donation to the GBC 
  • If you have a standing order already- can you increase it? 
  • If it’s not possible to do either of these, can you make a one off gift to the GBC? 


“The gift of the Dhamma surpasses all gifts. The taste of the Dhamma surpasses all tastes. Delight in the Dhamma surpasses all delights. The destruction of craving overcomes all suffering.”


Dhammapada 354