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What does it mean to share?

A quiet but determined change is taking place in Glasgow Buddhist Centre; we are expanding our sense of what it is to be a sharing community. 

We are growing our practice of generosity (Dana). We are growing the dana of giving our time and energy. New circles of members (kulas) have sprung up, each playing their part in running the whole centre. Self managing groups (kulas) are running our festivals, our bookshop, and a new kula has just been given the responsibility of looking after the building itself and how it looks. 

Dana is also practiced in giving confidence and... Read More

The greatest gift . . . . .

In 2023, just 4 years time, Triratna Glasgow Buddhist Centre will be celebrating 50 years of continuous practice and sharing of the Buddha’s dharma in Scotland. Buddhist ideas and practices are having a greater impact on life and people in Scotland than ever before. 


Our adoption of the dana (gift) economy is bringing us into a closer relationship with the young, with those who are dissatisfied with the materialism of western cultures, with those who are experiencing, very personally and directly, the suffering brought by a world driven by greed, hatred and ignorance. ... Read More

Kshanti required: Dharma, Meditation and other pathways in the GBC under construction

In our recent sangha survey we asked ‘what is the purpose of the Glasgow Buddhist Centre?’As a community, we responded with one voice. “We exist to deepen our spiritual practice and share the dharma with others”. At our sangha gathering in March, our aspirations became clearer. We want to realise the dharma more fully in ourselves as well as make it more literally and educationally accessible to the people of Glasgow and Scotland. Right now new structures are being imagined that will help us do that.

One of these new structures is, of course, a dharma and meditation teaching kula.... Read More

Searching for a pole star . . . . join the conversation

The conversation has begun. In small circles order members and mitras are talking about the future of the GBC. One asks, what would a financial strategy look like for the GBC? Another circle of spirited dialogue is exploring, what kind of gift do we want to make the people of Glasgow in any outreach programme? And the dharma teachers meeting, a long standing decision making group in the centre, is asking, what is our work and who are we? The council of trustees is exploring how to build the spiritual practice of dana and create a deeper culture of appreciation. 

There is one... Read More


‘Flame is lit from flame, and ultimately life’s inspiration springs not from theories about life but from life itself’ Urgyen Sangharakshita The Survey of Buddhism.

‘The nature of your chairmanship of Glasgow Buddhist Centre changed radically the moment Bhante died’ These were Dassini’s words to me at our first meeting after Urgyen Sangharakshita’s death. I had been in the centre learning the role of chair for only two weeks; the formal handover had not yet taken place. And the truth of what she said landed like a thunderclap. The flame of the Buddha Dharma that our teacher had... Read More