Glasgow Buddhist Centre Talks

These talks have all been given at Glasgow Buddhist Centre and uploaded to the Free Buddhist Audio website.

Uploaded: 20th April 2018

Abhayavaca talks about forgiveness drawing from the Dhammapada and other episodes in the Pali Canon as well as events in the modern day.

Uploaded: 19th April 2018

In this talk Dassini looks at the individual nature of practising ethics, the need for metta in response to guilt, how to make a confession effective, and the Four Powers of Confession.

Uploaded: 18th April 2018

In this personal talk Pasadini shares some of her early expectations of the spiritual life, and the need to reconcile the messiness of our lives, while drawing inspiration from the Bodhisattva warrior.

Uploaded: 17th April 2018

Smritiratna interviews Pam about her journey into right livelihood and her work in the field of climate change. Pam is a mitra living in Paisley, originally from Detroit, Michigan. We hear about the elements of Pam's childhood, and her earlier working life that brought her to the field of...

Uploaded: 16th April 2018

Smritiratna looks at Buddhist ethics and the ten precepts, and how our actions have consequences on a global scale because of issues related to climate change and ethical consumption. How do we look at these issues and remain open and courageous, training in the manner of a bodhisattva?

Uploaded: 15th April 2018

The first talk of the Glasgow Buddhist Centre's Rainy Season Retreat 2018 - 21st Century Ethics: Bodhisattvas in Training. Smritiratna talks about the origin of Rains Retreats, the heart of Buddhist Ethics and the particular ethical problems facing us today in the 21st century. He also asks,...

Uploaded: 30th March 2017

The last in the series from the Glasgow Buddhist Centre's Rainy Season Retreat 2017. Ben Jarrett shares his enthusiasm and inspiration for the Sukhavati Sutras. A Mahayana treat.

Uploaded: 30th March 2017

This is the 6th talk from the Glasgow Buddhist Centre's Rainy Season Retreat. Amoghavira talks about the richness and expansive beauty of the pureland Sutras, drawing on Ratnaguna's excellent commentary "Great Faith, Great Wisdom'.

Uploaded: 30th March 2017

This is the 5th talk from our Rainy Season Retreat at the Glasgow Buddhist Centre. Maitrinaga and Suriyavamsa share some of their musings on sadhana. These two friends are in the same order chapter and frequently talk about sadhanas as an essential and inspiring part of their practice. This two-...

Uploaded: 30th March 2017

The fourth talk from our Rainy Season Retreat 2017 at the Glasgow Buddhist Centre. A lovely, reflective talk on meditation practice by Maitrisiddha. Starts with a sensitively led meditation/reflection practice organically moving from awareness of the body to insight into the nature of mind.

Uploaded: 28th March 2017

This is the third talk from the Glasgow Buddhist Centre Rainy Season Retreat 2017. Dassini looks at the Eight Worldly Winds and the Four Right Efforts, relating them back to the Four Mind Turning Reflections.

Uploaded: 28th March 2017

This is the second talk from the Glasgow Buddhist Centre's Rainy Season Retreat 2017. Candrika and Abhayavaca talk about ordination in the Triratna Buddhist Community, commitment and going for refuge.

Uploaded: 28th March 2017

This is the first of a series of talks from The Rainy Season Retreat 2017 at the Glasgow Buddhist Centre. Suriyavamsa looks at our dharma practice as a workable situation in a broken world. He draws on lyrics by Leonard Cohen, poems by Sangharakshita and William Blake, quotes from Chogyam Trungpa...

Uploaded: 27th October 2014

In this talk Dassini addresses her local sangha on the theme of the Bodhisattva Ideal and suggests that as a concrete expression of this, they make all their Dharma classes free, no longer charging for teaching the Dharma or meditation. With readings from the Samyutta Nikaya and the...

Uploaded: 4th September 2014

In the first part Silaketu talks about faith, imagination, symbol and myth, and about seeing deeper. Then he goes on to talk about the Cosmic Refuge Tree and how to approach that world of imagery and meaning.

Uploaded: 8th August 2012

This is the fourth talk in a series on the Six Paramitas at the Glasgow Buddhist Centre in the summer of 2012.

Using verses from both the Dhammapada and the Bodhicaryavatara, Vairocana maps out the Buddhist practice of patience, from restraint to positive emotion.

Uploaded: 27th July 2012

This talk is the third in a series of talks on the Six Paramitas given at the Glasgow Buddhist Centre in the summer of 2012.

Jyotipakshini uses the four preliminary lines from the beginning of the Ratnaguna Samcayagatha as a structure, starting with the words, Call forth as much as you...

Uploaded: 21st July 2012

This is the second talk in a series on the Six Paramitas at the Glasgow Buddhist Centre in Summer 2012.

In this talk Dassini looks at the idea that 'the practice of ethics is grounded in Perfect Wisdom' from Living Ethically. She explores how the root defilements of craving,...

Uploaded: 13th July 2012

This talk is the first in a series on the Six Paramitas, given at the Glasgow Buddhist Centre in Summer 2012.

In this very clear talk Danabhadri brings togethertraditional doctrinal lists and her personal experiences and reflections on giving.

Uploaded: 10th July 2012

This talk was given at the Glasgow Buddhist Centre in 2010.

Padmolka looks at the first section of Padmasambhava's Advice to The Three Fortunate Women from The Life and Liberation of Padmasambhava. She begins by saying a bit about Padmasambhava subduing the demons of Tibet and the...

Uploaded: 5th July 2012

Padmavajra begins by reflecting on the incident early after the Buddha's Enlightenment when he looks for someone or something to revere. The Buddha resolves to revere the Dharma. Padmavajra describes the experience of reverence and speaks of it as a human need.

He lists the six...

Uploaded: 20th June 2012

Amoghavajra takes us back 2,500 years to the Kingdom of Magadha in Northern India to the birth of a boy called Kassapa. He grows up happily and as he gets older he becomes less and less worldly. Kassapa marries Bhadda who has equally renunciant tendancies. They both go forth together.


Uploaded: 14th June 2012

This is one of a series of talks on the Therigatha, the songs or poems of the nuns at the time of the Buddha.

Gunasiddhi begins begins by saying that the songs are trying to communicate a level of spiritual experience to the hearer.

The talk contains three themes: Going Forth...

Uploaded: 13th June 2012

This talk was part of a series of talks on the Therigatha. It starts by appreciating what a hard life it must have been for the early bhikkunis. Two verses by elderly nuns, Dhamma and Citta, give rise to reflection on letting go of fixed self view as a major component of breaking through to...

Uploaded: 13th June 2012

In this talk Suriyavamsa introduces the Therigatha and Theragatha, the songs of the nuns and monks who were the Buddha's disciples. Some of these disciples are familair to us: Ambapali, Maha Prajapati and Kisa Gotami. Much of the flavour of this collection is about impermanence and the urgent...

Uploaded: 17th August 2011

In a recent interview Sangharakshita spoke of his threefold legacy of Dharma teachings, practices and institutions. In this talk he suggests two additions, a material legacy consisting of Buddha statues and thangkas and a literary legacy consisting of his many written works. Added to this...

Uploaded: 16th August 2011

Chi'i is the Fifth Patriarch of the Tien-tai school of Chinese Buddhism. Founder of 35 monasteries, he ordained around 1,000 monks and is one of those whose work on interpreting Buddhism for Chinese cultures underlies the great flowering of Buddhism in the Tang dynasty and the development of...

Uploaded: 16th August 2011

This is a gem of a talk, with a wintery theme.

Parami starts by singing 'In the Bleak Midwinter' by Christina Rossetti. She then goes on to bring out the underlying meaning of some of the imagery in the poem.

The first metaphors are about bleakness, with the earth as...

Uploaded: 15th August 2011

In this talk we hear a little about Hakuin's early life and what led him to becoming a monk. Jyotipakshini talks about his strenghts and the characteristic aspects of his personality, his determination and intense dedication, as well as his highly critical nature, his struggles and setbacks....

Uploaded: 28th July 2011

In this talk Danabhadri combines introducing Dogen with reflections on her experiences of being a cook at a retreat centre. She gives examples from Dogen's Instructions to the Tenzo, a collection of advice to the temple cook.

Danabhadri then contextualises Zen in the development of...