Tai Chi

The practices that are known as Tai chi (or Taiji) evolved in China as a form of martial art. In the west today they may be practised either as a martial art, or as a way of maintaining physical coordination & flexibility as well as internal health. Both approaches have significant and well-researched health benefits even at an introductory level.  An analysis of health benefits can be found on the website www.taichiwalking.com

Tai chi literally translates as ‘the supreme ultimate’ and can be considered a subset of the more general range of Chinese exercises called Qigong (which itself can be translated as ‘energy or life force cultivation’).

Two variations of the Cheng Man-Ching's Yang style short form are taught at the Centre, and all sessions end with a short period of meditation. All our teachers are teacher members of the Tai Chi Union of Great Britain. Pam Hill (Bodhiccha) and Allan Cunningham teach from a martial arts perspective. 

To book send a £20 deposit, with a booking form or a note including your contact details. Cheques should be payable to the Glasgow Buddhist Centre. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please book early as spaces are very limited for tai chi courses.

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