Was Shakespeare a Buddhist?

Dayasara, a visiting order member from Ipswich is giving a mini workshop at the GBC Community night: "Was Shakespeare a Buddhist".

Here's what Dayasara says " I have given this workshop a playful title though I do think the Bard taps into some of the universal wisdom we find in the Buddha's teachings.Of course, he covers a vast range of human possibility, and expresses himself more tellingly, more beautifully than anyone else.

I have loved Shakespeare since my teenage years and became a Buddhist in my thirties.So join me in an evening exploring passages from the Stratford man's work, and noticing the Dharmic echoes. And I have found people can enjoy this, even if they are not great Shakespeare fans or don't know much about him .... so do come along"

The community night takes place every Sunday evening throughout the year and provides a space for folk to come together and connect. Evenings are often organised around a specific theme or event but we also have open space evenings which allow for what might emerge between us without any fixed ideas of what that might be. One night a month an evening is dedicated to meditation.  Event nights provide the opportunity for Sangha members to share something that inspires them as well as offering a platform for specific groups at the GBC. Typically members form a team to take responsibility for a particular evening. Attendance is open to all.

Note that all events start at 5:30 and will finish around 8:30. Soup will be provided but please bring vegetarian food to accompany and share

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Sunday, July 23, 2017 - 17:30 to 20:30
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