Tuesday Dharma Night 7-9pm

Collective dharma study and practice night every week - open to order members, mitras and regulars who have completed some level 2 buddhism courses. Rolling programme - join us at any point. To find our more . . . . .

The Severn Points of Mind Training are designed to develop the Bodhicitta or as Sangharakshita would say "the will to enlightenment2 in those undertaking the training. Focussing on the third mind training, slogan "Take adverse conditions onto the path" we will explore the practice of Kshanti. Using the format of Hearing, Reflecting, Meditating, we will deepen our understanding and practice of Kshanti over the next few weeks. The team of Akasaruci, Maitrinaga and Kuladharini invite Order Members, Mitra's and regulars who have completed some level 2 courses to join us. 

26th February, 7-9pm 

Week one: Hearing the Dharma

Introduction and Dhammadinna’s  "Seven Point Mind Training - talk 3 “ -part of a 2008 series of 7 talks, given at the London Buddhist Centre, one on each of the 7 Points of Mind Training. All are available to listen to and download on Free Buddhist Audio.  

5th March 7-9pm 

Week two: Reflecting on the Dharma.  

'Take adverse conditions onto the path' In small groups we reflect together on themes in, and questions raised by,  the talk. 


12th March 7-9pm 

A celebration of and send off for Sangha member Margo Winning who has been invited onto this years’ ordination retreat at Akasavana in Spain.  


19th March 7-9pm 

Week three: Reflecting on the Dharma

’Take adverse conditions onto the path’ mediation and dharma dialogues in pairs as we plumb further depths in the teaching. 


26th March 7-9pm 

Week Four: Meditating on the Dharma

Led practice of Tonglen, a companion Bodhicitta practice. 


2nd April 7-9pm

Week Five: Meditation and Puja to conclude this series.  

Repeats every week every Tuesday.
7.00pm to 9.00pm
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